You are making an impact and give a chance to newly diagnosed diabuddy get the very first “Our Pocket Hero” piece. We allocate 7% from each order to support them.

We love your type!

Fashion for awesome kids who have diabetes

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Our Purpose

Oh, we have so many plans and dreams for this brand. We would like to help our pocket heroes enjoy their lives beyond type 1 diabetes. It is our goal to create a strong supporting community, and find more ways for you as a parent, together with our little pocket heroes, to never feel alone.

Let kids do what kids do!

The future belongs to kids, and our pocket heroes’ smiles will make our world happier.

what our heroes say:

My child likes the pants with a pocket because there is no need to wear an extra belt, and it can hold even more all sorts of other small things!


Hello, we wear a Skirt Denim, you can't see the pump with it, and you can relax, nobody stares, because otherwise it is inconvenient to keep the pump bag under your clothes.


We can not imagine different ways of wearing an insulin pump, as this is the most comfortable way we had an opportunity to try!


How glad there are people who care about the well-being and comfort of others, especially our little ones. Not only beautiful and comfortable clothes for kids, but they are obviously made with great care and love. My son is very happy with the new pants, which eliminates the need to wear an extra belt for an insulin pump.


Everything was super, thanks! Daughter was very happy to get the sweater of outstanding beauty. Reliable and sweet!


Your work becomes more meaningful when you are helping others to solve their problems.


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