Support Us

What matters to us above all is that the garments we have lovingly designed, find their way into the hands and closets of those who can benefit the most.

We have a goal to support our local diabetes community by allocating 7% of our profit. Together with you, we will send them a message, that our new diabuddies (newly diagnosed kids with type 1 diabetes) are not alone.

Buy our clothes for your child

We created this collection by having children equality in mind. So these clothes fit’s perfectly for all the children.

Our clothes have secret pockets to keep treasures safe and close – shiny pebbles, hidden sweets, tiny toys, jingling keys and, for our little warriors an insulin pumps.

Buy our “Fan Club" t-shirt

Don't have children? Add one lovely looking and comfortable item in your closet, help three causes at once:

  • Help the environment by wearing sustainable materials;
  • Help kids with diabetes feel your love and support;
  • Support our brand, created to help kids in need.

Want to contribute more?

If you would like to support our mission and help ensure that our products would be accessible to more children in need, we welcome donations to our NGO “Simona Konce“ account.

For more detailed information, please contact