Improve Your Child's Life: Reduce the Fears and Increase Comfort While Wearing the Insulin Pump

Improve Your Child's Life: Reduce the Fears and Increase Comfort While Wearing the Insulin Pump

Currently, an insulin pump is the most advanced solution for managing Type 1 diabetes. For your child to feel great at all times, it is essential to define the most comfortable, efficient and safe way of wearing it. There are numerous ways of comfortably carrying the insulin pump for children: diabetic insulin pump belts or pouches, T1D underwear, specialty T1D clothing or insulin pump hangers. It is up to you and your child to define the most efficient way of wearing it so that it maximizes your child's confidence and comfort.
Let's go through tips on selecting the most comfortable product and deciding which type 1 diabetes specialty product could be the best fit for your child's needs.

How to define the Most Comfortable Way of Wearing the Insulin Pump? 

Countless hours of research and continuous communication with parents has led us to clarify the top four questions that could help you evaluate and define the best way of wearing the insulin pump:

  1. Is your child's insulin pump safe at all times? 
  2. Is it comfortable for your child?
  3. Is the pump visible? Perhaps your child is not ready to talk about the illness yet?
  4. How to prevent the insulin pump from "bumping" when moving, as your kid is active and loves to play?
The best way to keep yourself updated on the topic and learn about new products on the market is to regularly browse through Instagram or Google and search for Type1 diabetes specialty products, such as T1D clothing or insulin pump belts. Read the latest relevant blog posts, customer reviews and see if something new has been developed that could benefit your child and ensure his or her comfort.

The Most Comfortable Children's Insulin Pump Wearing Products

An insulin pump is a costly device; thus, keeping it safe at all times is essential. A broken insulin pump could be a nightmare for a parent and a child. Constantly trying to slow down your kid due to the fear of the pump getting broken is understandable yet can be avoided. What if you could find the product that securely keeps the device and allows free movement for your child? It is possible! 
Our small, stylish & functional ourpockethero collection has been created with the utmost attention to detail and little ones' needs in mind. We have considered various wearing situations, habits and potential issues to help kids play and enjoy their beautiful childhood in the most confident and careless way.

How to Select the Best Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Specialty Items?

We prefer clothes for carrying the insulin pump for children. However, multiple other products on the market could allow your child to securely wear a T1D insulin pump: special belts, underwear or hangers. We always strive for maximum comfort and advise you to keep looking for the best way of wearing the device until you find the right one! Always choose the most comfortable approach, considering your kid's activity level. The most popular alternative products for wearing the insulin pump are special belts (Spi belt for kids), insulin pump underwear (Anna Ps) and diabetic pump hangers (EdcsolutionsT1).

The Insulin Pump Placement for your Child's Well-Being & Comfort

The insulin pump placement itself might play an essential role in your child's confidence level. Usually, the front of the body is the most comfortable area for the insulin pump, preventing the child from sitting on it or avoiding the detachment of the catheter (in tandem insulin pumps). It does not matter which product you choose - we prefer fun and comfortable insulin pump clothes for kids, but other ways of wearing the device could also work for your child! The most important thing is that the little one feels safe, comfortable, and cares only about the things a child has to care about: playing, learning, laughing and dreaming.
We hope that this article was a helpful guide for improving the life quality of your child. We always encourage everyone to try various options in order to evaluate what fits best and choose the most comfortable one based on your kid's needs.
What matters to us above everything else, that the kids do what kids do!
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