Let's make some magic together

I knew from the very beginning that this beautiful brand will be a little bit more than a functional and stylish clothing brand.

I had an opportunity to talk with various kids who have type 1 diabetes during my journey. And remember one girl, who told me that: “She doesn’t know anybody who has 1st type diabetes in her surroundings. Neither has a friend, or knows anybody from her school, even in her town".

We as parents usually participate in various social groups, and social media. But having type 1 diabetes for the child can be lonely.

So our goal is to create a strong community and let our awesome children know that they are not alone.

This brand was born and is creating in Lithuania (Northern Europe). We have 1060 kids, diagnosed with 1 type of diabetes here. It is a measurable goal to achieve.

I got lucky to meet amazing people while creating this collection. It is still the beginning, but also the very right time to express my gratefulness. From every single order you make in this shop, we allocate 7 % of our profit to the “Pocket Hero” fund. Where for the little ones, we will gift the very first "Our Pocket Hero" piece. And for their parents, we will open our ears and hearts and will be looking for ways to help them too.

When your child wears our clothes, know that there is someone else in the world a little bit happier. And you are making an impact.

So let's  make some magic and reach 1000 dia-buddies  (kids who have type 1 diabetes ).

Up to date YOU have already supported:  64