Our story

Everyday heroes are our future

Everything started from a simple wish to help my friend’s little boy do what kids do while wearing his insulin pump … and became a beautiful and sustainable clothing collection for all our little ones. The first piece I sewed was about five years ago, and from that moment on my free time became consumed with reading everything I could about diabetes. Being a mom of two active kids, seeing their daily life up close, drove me to take action.

In 2019 I won a social entrepreneurship competition, and “Reach for Change” (www.reachforchange.org), and the “Ella Fund” (www.theellafund.com) decided to back my dream of helping kids with diabetes. From that moment, my dreams became my mission.

We remember being kids, too. Playing outside, making secret treasures from the most beautiful flowers covered with pieces of glass. Our clothes have secret pockets to keep treasures safe and close – shiny pebbles, hidden sweets, tiny toys, jingling keys and, for some, insulin pumps.

The future belongs to kids, and our pocket heroes’ smiles will make our world happier.

We love your TYPE, and let kids do what kids do.


Our clothes were made to be worn for a long time and some people call them timeless. We wish our clothes to lead active lives in your kids' wardrobes, and then hope for them to be handed down to younger ones to start their journey all over again. We chose our colors so that they would work both for girls and boys alike.

We knew from the beginning that our fabrics should be GOTS-certified, to be sure that they are produced ethically and that nothing toxic is used at any stage, from the products used to process the cotton to the eco-friendly dying colors. We use recycled paper labels and pay attention to other small but meaningful details to help save our Mother Nature.

In order to make these beautiful items highly skilled hands are required, and we are committed to creating a healthy working environment for our sewing craftswomen. We keep this goal in mind every day and we sometimes even overhear them singing while sewing :). I am sure you will feel their love when you touch our products.

What's Next?

Oh, we have so many plans and dreams for this brand. We would like to help our pocket heroes enjoy their lives beyond type 1 diabetes. It is our goal to create a strong supporting community, and find more ways for you as a parent, together with our little pocket heroes, to never feel alone.

Join us, make an impact, help us grow, and become a part of this journey.

Simona & co