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Insulin Pump Belt

Insulin Pump Belt

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Introducing our Pocket Hero Insulin Pump Belts - your perfect companion for managing diabetes with style and comfort! Our belts are expertly crafted to securely hold insulin pumps, providing you with a discreet and convenient solution to carry your essentials while embracing an active lifestyle.

Made from flexible and durable material, eco-friendly cotton, our pump belts ensure a soft and irritation-free experience against your skin.

Instructions for Use:

Effortlessly slide our Pocket Hero Pump Belt over your hips to ensure a comfortable fit on your waist. Insert your insulin pump through any of the four convenient entries inside the belt. Whether you prefer it at the front, sides, or back for maximum comfort on your hips, our belt is designed to accommodate your preference seamlessly.

Sizing Guide:

We're confident you or your little one will adore our new belt, just like other heroes do!
Don't stress about sizing; our item is wonderfully universal. Match the centimeters (CM) around the waistline, and for more precise measurements, feel free to check the sizing chart.
Happy shopping.
XXXS 50 12 19,6 4,7 3-4
XXS 53 12 20,9 4,7 5-6
XS 57 12 22,4 4,7 7-8
S 60 12 23,6 4,7 9-10
M 64 13 25,2 5,1 11-12
L 68 13 26,8 5,1 13-14
XL 72 13 28,3 5,1 15+


Key Features:

  •  CARRY YOUR INSULIN PUMP DISCREETLY: Our slim and compact design allows you to wear it under your clothing, ensuring a seamless look without compromising on style.

  •  EASY ACCESS TO YOUR INSULIN PUMP AND CABLE: The breathable belt pouch features four wide openings inside the belt for effortless pump access without removing the belt.

  •  COMFORTABLE FIT - EXTRA PROTECTION: Constructed from high-quality stretch fabric, our belts conform to your waist for a comfortable fit. No clips or zippers that can irritate.

  • STORE SMALL PERSONAL ITEMS: Multiple pockets and compartments allow you to safely store small essentials like ID cards, money, sweets, or any type of mobile phone.

  • IDEAL FOR ALL AGES: Available in 7 sizes, our belts cater to both children and adults. Make sure to measure your waist before ordering to find the perfect fit.
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